New Doc Savage novel just published!

FYI, fans of the Bronze Man... Altus Press has just released an all-new Doc Savage novel, the second in their "New Wild Adventures" imprint: Horror in Gold, by Will Murray writing as Kenneth Robeson. (The first was The Desert Demons, reviewed for Groovy Age here.) I haven't read this one yet, but I certainly dig the cool pulpy cover art!

I was also pleased to see that Horror in Gold and The Desert Demons are available in substantially cheaper Kindle editions. In fact, a tiny handful of the original Doc novels of the 1930s and '40s have been converted to the e-book format, too, although they're admittedly not among the topnotch series entries... Murder Melody, Cold Death,
The Black Spot, He Could Stop the World, Haunted Ocean, Murder Mirage, and Land of Long Juju are the only (original) Doc books I've been able to find so far for the Kindle.

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