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Happy 2012 Groovy Agers!

It's taken much longer than I'd anticipated, but my third scanlation is finally complete. Storie Blu #62: IL MOSTRO VIOLA was was first released on Monday, July 23rd, 1984 by Ediperiodici.

Something sinister is going on at the Hotel Rexon, and crack journalist Cyd Brougham is determined to find out what!

Beginning with this post, I'm going to start giving scenario and artist credits for each book to the best of my ability.

Candida la Marchesa #2 was written by Renzo Barbieri, drawn by Vincenzo Monti and the cover by Alessandro Biffignandi.

Storie Blu Special #15 was written by Carmelo Gozzo and drawn by Francesco Blanc.

Storie Blu #62 (this fumetti here) was also written by Carmelo Gozzo and drawn by Manlio Truscia.

I hope that you all enjoy this one and I'll do my best to get the next one ready for February!



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