Matt's Bridgestone...

In the continuing saga of trying to catch up on all the small parts/restos a little at a time, this week we have Matt's Bridgestone RB-1.  Matt had sent this frame in quite a while ago with a request of a repaint.  Unfortunately, through some re locations and time, we lost touch for a bit but were able to get back on track just before Christmas.

Originally red, this frame and fork were destined for something a bit more green. We decided to do a green candy motif that had some retro splatter elements while still retaining some of the understated visual Bridgestone is famous for.

The frame was stripped down, placed on the alignment table, all threads tapped, HT and BB faced, and all brazing inspected before moving on to primer.

After three thin coats of sanded primer, we are ready to start with some color.

The base layer is a British Racing metallic green...

Then I began layering on sterling silver, shamrock green, and finally poly green metallic...each designed to give a different depth of color once the candy is sprayed over top.

After two heavily reduced layers of indy green candy...the heavy reducer is used to burn into and even out the under accents, giving a more uniform surface.  Gotta be careful though, as it makes runs that will eat through the layers a possibility, sending you all the way back to the starting gate.

A quick shot in the can start to see the sparkly potential.

Now that the base layers are done, it's time to work on some details.  I drew up the Bridgestone logos on AI and cut them out on the plotter.  I wanted to retain the original, bold look, so stayed true to form.

On the frame, fogged in with a little carrera white with a touch of bright white pearl, so that the graphics had a bit of shine just like the rest of the frame.

And finally, four hot coats of clear to really set the frame off.

The obligatory in the sun shot..

Matt, I hope the new look is pleasing.  Should be quite the looker once out on the sunny road.



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