Groovy Reunion: Three's Company's Suzanne Somers & Joyce DeWitt

I haven't watched an episode of the 1977-84 TV sitcom, Three's Company, in 30 years, but back when it was a Top 10 hit on ABC, I tuned in every Tuesday after Laverne & Shirley to the misadventures of Janet, Jack and Chrissy. It was silly, mindless entertainment, but after Suzanne Somers was fired in 1981 due to a bitter salary dispute, the series was never the same. So today it was so nice to see her and Joyce DeWitt - who haven't spoken to each other since Somers' departure from the show - reunite on Somers' web series, Breaking Through. And it would've been even nicer if the late John Ritter had been able to join them.

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